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30 Oct

I just had to share a few new pics of my gorgeous girls! I needed some new pictures for my wall, and while I know I am no professional photographer I still like to go have fun with the camera from time to time!



Aren’t they beautiful!?!

Proud Mom



29 Oct

This past month I have been LAZY.

Maybe it’s because I have been going going going nonstop since January and its finally caught up with me.
Maybe it’s because I am unhappy that I can’t seem to find a new job.
Maybe it’s because I finally have free time and I’m not really being lazy, I just don’t know what its like to actually sit down and relax. But I doubt that’s it because my house could use some attention, and I must be lazy not to be taking care of that right? Surely.  All I know is my husband and I are about to start dejunkanizing. I am totally aware that is not a word. Anyways, I have needed some motivation to get up and move because I just don’t want to, and that makes me feel gross. So on to pinterest I went! I even got my husband hooked on pinterest, actually I think he may be more addicted than I am. Scary right? But here is the thing about pinterest.. it makes me look bad. I thought my house was okay but now I’m pretty sure I should just jump in my car and go buy a million plastic bins and a label machine, because when I type in organize on pinterest.. thats what comes up.
I mean look at this


WOW. I think I’ll just get up from behind the computer and start on something. OK. Ready, set go!

Wish me luck!


Every Heart By Sara Haze

24 Oct

My Best Friend sent me this video the other day, she knows me too well. LOVE IT!

Don’t take for granted the little things in life that make up the story of who you are.

From your very first memory, where you were, who you were with, what you were talking about.
Your very first doll, favorite super hero, favorite cartoon.
Your first day of school, how nervous/excited/scared you were.
Your first friend, longest friend, your forever friends.
Friends you lost, and friends that you could never lose no matter what you do.
Your favorite teacher, your least favorite teacher.
Activities you were in. Sports you played.
All of your success, all of your failures.
Your first crush, first real relationship.
Your first heartbreak, and the one who would never break your heart.
Bringing new life into the world, and watching them get to make their own story.
Realizing that everytime you thought your parents were too harsh, mean, over protective..
That they just wanted your story to be better than theirs.
This is your life- what are you going to make of it?

Family Day and Hunting

21 Oct

This saturday was the first in a very long time that we got to spend with John. He has been hard at work pretty much every weekend for a month and a half getting ready for the River Fest, I was really glad he took off the actual day of the fest so that we could enjoy the fruits of his labor with him. We decided to make a family day out of it, I love family days. We woke up bright and early saturday morning got ready and headed to my little sisters cut-a-thon first. Avery had been looking forward to the cut-a-thon all week so that Aunt Coco could give her a manicure, and I must admit I had been looking forward to it too! It was cool to go back and see Mrs.Lubke and check up on how Courtney was doing. Just six years ago I was in that class!! I am super proud of her, she is doing a great job. After the cut-a-thon we went straight to the River fest and walked around a bit, there wasn’t much there but Avery got to pet the animals at the petting zoo, get cotton candy and see some dancing mermaids so she was a happy girl! We let Avery decide where to go for lunch- she chose Mr.Gatti’s of course. On the way to Mr. Gatti’s John got a text from Mick asking him to go hunting, In true John style he read the text and then re-read it out loud because he didn’t want to ask me if it was okay seeing as how it was “family day” but he reaaaaaaaalllly didn’t want to say no. I told him to go ahead. While he was hunting I took the girls to go see the hot air balloon that they were having down town. It was both of the girls first time seeing one up close and Avery LOVED it! While they were blowing up the balloon I was swinging the girls around having a good time, but after a while I noticed that I must have flung my wedding ring off somewhere. AGHHH! I called my Uncle Jimmy, him and my grandparents went back with me out to the paseo with his medal detector to do some hunting of our own. I’ll be honest I didn’t think we would ever find it, I mean I couldn’t even remember exactly where all we were out there and there is A LOT of grass! It was only about 5 minutes before my Uncle Jimmy said “Well, I dont even need my medal detector” and held up my ring. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! Uncle Jimmy was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to use his medal detector to find it but I’m sure he will find some jewelry with it eventually! Here is my favorite picture from the weekend. Avery sure does love her little sister!



im not giving up.

18 Oct


Okay so it’s not perfect, the F was actually supposed to fit inside the picture frame and I didn’t want to take the time to return it to get another one so I did the best I could with it. Overall I am happy. It cost me under 10 bucks all together! The frame, leaves and pumpkin are all from the dollar tree, The F and the ribbon are from Hobby Lobby, that was probably the most expensive part. Super duper easy!! I don’t even think I need to write out the instructions because it is pretty self explanatory from the picture.

On another note, my sewing machine is still giving me fits! I changed out the color of thread and I couldn’t figure it out, so I brought out the instruction manual (I should have done that from the very beginning) I got it all put together and it worked for about 6 inches then got all messy on the bottom again. BOO!. I’m not giving up.

Keep on keepin on,


My little Picasso’s!

18 Oct

It’s the beginning of holiday season, best time of the year!

Avery is always super excited to kick it off with pumpkin painting, and she was even more excited that she now has Kenzie to do it with her! I told her that I didn’t think Kenzie would be very into it, but surprisingly she was and yelled at me every single time I took the paint brush away from her (because she was trying to eat it). I started her pumpkin out for her by painting a K on it for Kenzie, it only lasted about 2 seconds because she loved it so much she had to give it a big hug as soon as she saw it, getting blue paint all over her. You did not paint the pumpkin correctly if you do not have paint on you from head to toe by the time you are finished, at least that is what my girls seem to think and I don’t mind it at all. Here are some pictures of their little Picasso pumpkins!

1378199_10200782916920711_586933993_n 1377293_10200782924200893_1034823337_n 1381666_10200782918000738_1053522749_n1381767_10200782920920811_1555468609_n1374755_10200782921280820_1486779946_n 1385318_10200782922880860_490973376_n 10315_10200782917560727_410769854_n

What better way to end a night of pumpkin painting then to have some enchilada soup? (even if it is 75 degrees outside). It was pretty good! Here is the recipe if you don’t already have one you like… we used chicken instead of ground beef.


Until next time!


Nobody gets left behind

17 Oct

I’m embarassed to say it had been over a week since I ran. I know it doesn’t sound like that long of a time, but when you are training to be able to run for long distances you should at least run 3 times a week. John and I loaded the girls up in the jogging stroller and headed out, I made it about a mile before I had to walk for a few minutes, I was really disappointed in myself because I know I can go a much longer distance than that and I didn’t want to hold John back. I told him to keep going, he hesitated but after me convincing him that it was okay he eventually did… for about a block. Avery started screaming that she didn’t want to leave me (in this family, nobody gets left behind) so he turned back around and when he got back to me I ran with them the rest of the way, even though I really didn’t want to. On days like those I am extra thankful that my husband runs with me. It pushes me to keep going when I try to convince myself I can’t even though I KNOW I can. My husband is THE best!

Until Next Time!