Tin Can Pumpkins

17 Oct

“Why don’t we ever decorate our house?”

Uhhh… WHAT? I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my husbands mouth. HOW RUDE!

But in all honesty, he was right. While I do decorate every christmas, I don’t ever do anything for fall or summer… except for maybe those tin can pumpkins that I made with Avery’s hands as the leaves… I thought they were really cute, I don’t think John agreed. He would never tell me he didn’t like them but I didn’t get the response I would have liked. Of course, I am a girl so I probably tend to over think things, my father in law and I were just talking about that the other day.

I had been reading “My so called life as a Proverbs 31 wife” so I was already thinking about how I should do more things around the house that would be remembered when my girls grew up and started their own family, and maybe they could take some of the things I have done for them or with them and make them into traditions of their own one day, John’s comments only confirmed it. Everybody who knows me knows when I jump into something, I go in the whole way and by the end of this I may leave him wishing that he never said anything at all, but I doubt it. After church we headed straight to the dollar tree where I got some things to make a fall wreath out of, and then we headed to westlake where I pointed out a 2×4 that I would need for a craft I wanted to do for both fall and christmas. John looked at me like I was crazy, but I insisted that I wanted to be crafty and frugal so he went along with it. From westlake we went to walmart to go grocery shopping where I picked up a cute owl fall decoration that holds 5 tea lights, tea lights in pumpkin spice scent, and some new fall oven mits. YAY.

I was feeling pretty good about all of my accomplishments that day, so I decided I would bring out the sewing machine.
Let me tell you,  I was SCARED of that sewing machine.
Everytime somebody else uses it, its “such a great machine”. Everytime I use it, it hates me.  However, I bought fabric months and months ago to make Kenzie a blanket, and I am determined to have part in making it. SO I brought it out and as usual the stich looked perfect on the top, all loose and messy on the bottom. Grrr. I went to youtube to see if there were any tutorials on what may be happening, there were but none of the machines they were using were even remotely like mine, it is sort of an old machine.  So I took it to facebook where everyone was great, telling me some things that might be happening with the machine or that I should take it to get serviced, but I knew the problem was with me. I just wasn’t doing something right. So I took the bobbin out and put it back in, the exact same way I had done the first time… and IT WORKED! It must have been God that fixed it, because I know it wasn’t me…. all I know is I will conquer it.

Stay Tuned!



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