29 Oct

This past month I have been LAZY.

Maybe it’s because I have been going going going nonstop since January and its finally caught up with me.
Maybe it’s because I am unhappy that I can’t seem to find a new job.
Maybe it’s because I finally have free time and I’m not really being lazy, I just don’t know what its like to actually sit down and relax. But I doubt that’s it because my house could use some attention, and I must be lazy not to be taking care of that right? Surely.  All I know is my husband and I are about to start dejunkanizing. I am totally aware that is not a word. Anyways, I have needed some motivation to get up and move because I just don’t want to, and that makes me feel gross. So on to pinterest I went! I even got my husband hooked on pinterest, actually I think he may be more addicted than I am. Scary right? But here is the thing about pinterest.. it makes me look bad. I thought my house was okay but now I’m pretty sure I should just jump in my car and go buy a million plastic bins and a label machine, because when I type in organize on pinterest.. thats what comes up.
I mean look at this


WOW. I think I’ll just get up from behind the computer and start on something. OK. Ready, set go!

Wish me luck!


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