Liam Thomas

17 Dec

Avery and I were headed to the movies to meet my mother-in-love and cousin to see Disney’s Frozen when I got the call. My sister was in labor!! YEAHH!. So I did a U-Turn, drove to my grandma’s to pick up Kenzie then headed over to Glenn Jr. High to go drop the girls off with their mimi before I went and picked up my dad and headed to the hospital! We got there around 4:30 on December 3 and she was at a 5. It was a pretty long labor but I was blessed to be able to stay with her the whole time, at around 1:22 in the morning on December 4 we welcomed our second nephew, Liam Thomas into the world! He was amazing, handsome and perfect.


Just look at her- That is the face of a mother’s love!Image


Insta-best friends /cousins


I am most definitely a proud aunt, but even more than that.. I am a proud sister.
Sure, she got pregnant at 16 and that isn’t the most ideal situation in the world, but she owned up to her responsibilites… she made the right decision by keeping him, and she is making the right decision again by taking care of him. In these situations you really find out who your true friends are, and I am thankful she has a handful of really good ones. She pushed passed the whispers of people at school and even at church and held her head high- sure, she is having to make adult decisions a little earlier than most of us but she is putting his life before her own and she is determined to succeed and beat the statistics. She has brought the blessing of new life to our family, and with our support she is going to go far in life. God knew this was in her future from the very beginning, he has a plan for her, Bryan and Liam and it is GOOD.



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