Happy Birthday to my Bestie!

31 Jan

I remember being 6 years old sitting in your living room out in Carlsbad giggling and chatting about anything and everything until who knows when. We talked about what boys we were into, shared all of our deepest darkest secrets, what our plans for the future were and drew designs of what we wanted our wedding dresses to look like. Pretty much everything we expected for ourselves did not happen, but I have to say that the little girls that we were would be mighty proud of the women we are today (we did not marry Justin Timberlake or Ashton Kutcher, but we scored even better with our amazing, handsome men of God!)

I remember going on long road trips to Ft. Stockton to watch our dad’s play at the harvest fest and doing the macarena while they were playing Country Music… we probably looked ridiculous but we thought we were sooooooooo cool! Then when our dad’s stopped playing in trick rider we didn’t see each other for a while until we both went to the same cheerleading camp and picked right back up where we left off, even if it meant you almost got kicked out of camp for hanging out with an opposing team. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways because that same year you switched schools to ACS where my future husband would walk you to my house every day (even if I did refuse to come outside and meet him). You didn’t stay there long either and I was SO EXCITED when you told me you were going to come to Lee!

Ohhhhhhhhh Junior High. I would be completely okay with just forgetting everything about those years… so I wont mention anything except that it was hilarious how mad you got at me when I asked BB out for you on the computer when you went to get a glass of water, but hey he said YES! and you were really happy for a while, that’s the last of what I’ll mention of him. OH and Dear Mrs. Hartgrove- guess what? We are STILL friends!

I don’t think we spent more than 3 days apart the summer before highschool. Most of the time was spent in your back yard in that little above ground pool or at the mall. This was also the summer you first got Bells Palsy and I freaked out over the mosquito in the emergency room! GROSS! Thank goodness it was basically gone before school started, unfortunately not in time for school ID pictures, not that it would have mattered since we had to stand outside in the sun for hours and by the time it was time to take pictures we were all sweaty and gross anyways.

As soon as we were let out from our first pep-ralley of sophomore year, there were football players everywhere ..I thought I just thought “Woah Baby” In my head.. but nope, I screamed it in the most southern, hick, crazy person voice ever and embarassed the heck out of both of us. It was hilarious, so that made it allll okay. You had your first big heartbreak this year, I know I wouldn’t mention it again but it lead to you rebounding with a guy who kissed like a whale. EWWW! I think this was definitely our boy-crazy year, which is probably why your Mom yelled “KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!” every time we left the house. We started going to Edmund and were both googly-eyed over Chase AND his lolli-pop guild dance. We knocked down an old lady’s fence while trying to chase boys down a dirt road, and then we had to come back and build it for them (or watch your Uncle Monroe build it). This was also the year that we got “grounded” from each other for lying to our parents (SORRRRRRRRRRRRY PARENTS! WE LOVE YOU!!!) Then the  next year you were there for me (except for when you were busy pushing me into bushes) when my house caught on fire and my boyfriend broke up with me all in the same week. Soon after that you returned the favor of opening your big mouth to the guy I had my eye on and I owe you forever for it because he is now my husband.We have been there to celebrate each others marriages and the addition of each child to our families. You have never let any person, thing, or boy get in between our friendship even though there has been plenty of opportunitues for that to happen. Having a ton of friends has never really mattered to me, because I have always known without a doubt that I have the truest one of all, so thank you for choosing me to be your best friend! HAPPY 25 TH BIRTHDAY!

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