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100 Reasons Why I love my husband.

10 Feb
  1. He loves Jesus
  2. He loves me
  3. He is an amazing father
  4. He supports me in everything I do
  5. He loves my family and has taken them in as his own from the very beginning
  6. He not only respects his parents, but he respects my parents as well.
  7. He works hard to support our family
  8. He puts 110% into everything he does whether it be work, school, preaching, or relationships. He is determined to succeed at them all.
  9. He is my biggest fan.
  10. He runs with me.
  11. He listens to me (or at least he does a really good job of making me believe he is listening to me because he usually doesn’t remember what I say)
  12. The way he says “JENEE!!” when he is frustrated with me, and how his jaw twitches when he is reeeeeeeeeeeally upset with me.
  13. The way he never stays upset with me for long.
  14. He makes me feel beautiful even when I am a complete mess.
  15. He goes out of his way to help people.
  16. He helps me around the house, whether it be cooking, cleaning or laundry. We are a team.
  17. He understands me.
  18. He is good at everything.
  19. He has never given up on me.
  20. He always cheers me up when I am feeling down.
  21. He likes to cuddle
  22. He is humble.
  23. He makes me want to be a better person.
  24. He encourages me when it is needed.
  25. He takes interest in things that I am interested in.
  26. He has good taste in music, and isn’t ashamed to jam out in the car with me.
  27. He is always up for a challenge.
  28. The way he laughs.
  29. The way he talks.
  30. The way he stutters from time to time.
  31. The way he tries to be funny and fails miserably, then he is funny without trying.
  32. He gives me space when I don’t want to talk, and lets me go on forever…and ever… and ever.. when I need to vent.
  33. His eyes
  34. His smile
  35. He randomly brings banana nut cappuccino’s home to me
  36. He see’s the world the same way I do
  37. When I forget something at the grocery store he always offers to go get it for me
  38. He will go out of his way to help anybody
  39. He watches my girly tv shows with me (sometimes I think he likes them even more than I do!)
  40. His last name, because now people don’t ask me how to pronounce mine! 🙂
  41. He see’s my family as his family, there is no “in-law” to it.
  42. He is always excited to see me after work.
  43. He always kisses me goodbye, even when I am knocked out.
  44. He gives some pretty good advice.
  45. He is not boring.
  46. He leaves random notes for me around the house.
  47. He calls me on his bathroom breaks just to say I love you.
  48. He is a big kid 95% of the time, yet also grown up when he needs to be.
  49. He is the most incredible, fabulous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, abso-freakin-lutely best man in the whole world!
  50. He lets me pop his pimples and pick his ears. (I know, EWWWWWWWWWWWW.. but it is fun)
  51. He tells me about his work, even though I have nooooooooo idea what he is talking about.. I try!
  52. He would pick spending time with me over doing anything else.
  53. He laughs at me, even when I’m not funny.
  54. He still opens the door for me.
  55. He is confident.
  56. He makes excellent food on the grill (unless it’s chicken)
  57. He is stubborn at times.
  58. He get’s the mail when it’s freeeeezing outside.
  59. He talks in his sleep.
  60. He likes shopping more than I do.
  61. He always fills up the gas tanks.
  62. He takes the girls on daddy daughter date nights.
  63. He helps me with my work.
  64. He is my rock.
  65. He is a good artist.
  66. He is a human jungle gym for the kids.
  67. He is passionate about our family.
  68. He always tells me dinner is good, even when it is mediocre.
  69. He is disciplined.
  70. He doesn’t swear.
  71. I can always trust his judgement.
  72. He is inventive.
  73. He likes to go on adventures with me.
  74. He is a wonderful leader.
  75. He doesn’t make excuses!
  76. He is realistic.
  77. He knows me, and still chose me!
  78. He is protective.
  79. He always call when he is running behind.
  80. He is honorable.
  81. He takes out the trash.
  82. He is a man of his word.
  83. We can talk without speaking
  84. He respects himself.
  85. He is simply irresistible.
  86. He IS my better half.
  87. He isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for me.
  88. He has no shame in buying me girl stuff at the store.
  89. He strives to tell others about Jesus.
  90. When I am being a grouch, he loves me anyways.
  91. How I know that If were to die, I would see him again in heaven.
  92. He knows the word.
  93. He kisses the kids boo-boos.
  94. If the boo-boo is bloody- He is the one to take care of it.
  95. He does not need to “keep up with the Jones'”
  96. He is a giver
  97. He is polite.
  98. He doesn’t follow the crowd.
  99. He is wise.
  100. I can 110% be myself around him and he loves me for everything that I am.

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