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Lord, give me your eyes.

17 Mar

Lately, everyone and everything has been getting on my last nerves.
You can do absolutely nothing wrong, and I would be annoyed with you almost instantly.
I couldn’t figure out what was going on inside of me, why my thoughts were so negative. It’s like my heart was hardening for no reason at all. I looked back through my drafts on blogs that I had started to write with titles like “keeping up with the Jones'”, “Why are people so…” .. just negative, judgey, gross thoughts that should never ever cross my mind.

So I started to ask God, why? WHY am I becoming this person, Lord. I don’t like it!
Well, there is three reasons why this was happening.

1. Bitterness against someone that did me wrong.
2. Too much social media
3. Approval addiction

Now, I am not someone who holds a grudge. But there is one person that just gets under my skin. It’s like I try, and then they cut me down. They are constantly trying to be in competition with me, and I don’t understand why. Things that I plan that have nothing to do with them, they try to say that I am doing it to out shine them and even though everybody around knows I’m not, it hurts me, and it makes me bitter. This is not somebody that I can just cut out of my life, they are in it for good. So how? How do you have genuine love towards somebody who is constantly tearing you down? Our young adults group leader brought up something the past two wednesdays. Humans are not perfect, they are made of three parts- your body, your soul and  your spirit. The only perfect part of you is your spirit. When somebody acts out against you, it’s their flesh that is speaking- there are many things that can get in the way of how they act.. hurt, envy, trying to protect themselves,… so on. We need to be able to look past that, instead of seeing them as the horrible person that we think that they are being- we need to try to see the perfect spirit man in them that God see’s. All I know, is I can’t do that alone like I have been trying to, I need God. So Lord, please give me your eyes for humanity.

Then there is Social media, which goes hand in hand with approval addiction. You see, when I first joined facebook it was just a fun place to share pictures and neat things going on in your life with friends that you otherwise would not be able to keep in touch with, whether it be because they live too far away or for your conflicting schedules. However, lately every time I log on I can almost predict what is going to be shown on my feed. A bunch of re-posts of blogs about how you should live your life… (why you shouldn’t get married young, why I got married young, why you shouldn’t vaccinate, why you should vaccinate, how you should raise your kids, etc. etc. etc.) .. and also a whole lot of snide remarks, and calling people out who you think have wronged you. This, for me, has led to an overwhelming approval addiction. I began to hold myself to all of these standards that the people I care most about were posting on their walls of opinions, and after so long of trying to fit that mold, I started holding other people to those same standards. People, this is not good! In fact, I am convinced that almost 95% of those kinds of blogs have no wrong or right way. What is right for me, may not be what is right for you… and that is okay!! It is all part of what makes you who you are. So Lord, please give me your eyes to see myself for who I am, and LOVE it, so I can in turn see and love people for who they are and give them the same grace that you have given me.

Just a little food for thought!




11 Mar

There are two things that I am always finding myself having problems with…crappy sippy cups, and dry skin (especially on the heels of my feet… ewww I know!) In my search for solutions, I have came across two products that I absolutely love.

First, let’s talk sippy cups.

A couple of years ago when my oldest was still using sippy’s there was a great thermal one that was absolutely fantastic, it didn’t leak and it kept her drink nice and cool. Now, I can’t find it anywhere. We have tried pretty much every sippy cup from non-expensive to expensive and we always has the same problem.. either it leaks, or the lid pops off when Kenz drops it. I was just about to give up when we came across this beaut in the sporting section of target.


The Nalgene grip- n-gulp. It is aaaamazing! No leaks, at all. It’s very sturdy and the flow isn’t too fast so she doesn’t end up losing half of it down her shirt!  The only complaint I would have is that it isn’t thermal so of course the drink doesn’t hold a temperature too well, she doesn’t seem to mind so I think as long as it isn’t milk we are okay! Next we also want to try the Camelback Eddy for kids.

On to my next fab find!

Dry skin. Growing up I never, ever had a problem with dry skin. In fact I think it has just been this year that I have had a problem with it, when I say problem, I mean it was really really bad. I had to wear socks to bed every night because I just could not stand the feeling of the dry skin on my heels in the sheets. Yuck. I probably would have just dealt with it and used it as an excuse to go get pedicures but my husband has always had a problem with dry skin and he was having patches on his cheeks and nose that just would not go away and it was starting to hurt sooo off I went looking for a product that would give him a little relief. I also found it at target, I’m sure any other store like wal-mart would carry it as well.


Vaseline deep-moisture creamy formula.

After just a couple of uses we could tell an immediate difference in our skin. I have been using it more regularly than he has, for about a month, and my feet are almost completely back to normal. I’m sure to get all the way there I’m going to have to use a little pumice but this is definitely a product worth keeping!

Until Next Time!