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100 Reasons Why I love my husband.

10 Feb
  1. He loves Jesus
  2. He loves me
  3. He is an amazing father
  4. He supports me in everything I do
  5. He loves my family and has taken them in as his own from the very beginning
  6. He not only respects his parents, but he respects my parents as well.
  7. He works hard to support our family
  8. He puts 110% into everything he does whether it be work, school, preaching, or relationships. He is determined to succeed at them all.
  9. He is my biggest fan.
  10. He runs with me.
  11. He listens to me (or at least he does a really good job of making me believe he is listening to me because he usually doesn’t remember what I say)
  12. The way he says “JENEE!!” when he is frustrated with me, and how his jaw twitches when he is reeeeeeeeeeeally upset with me.
  13. The way he never stays upset with me for long.
  14. He makes me feel beautiful even when I am a complete mess.
  15. He goes out of his way to help people.
  16. He helps me around the house, whether it be cooking, cleaning or laundry. We are a team.
  17. He understands me.
  18. He is good at everything.
  19. He has never given up on me.
  20. He always cheers me up when I am feeling down.
  21. He likes to cuddle
  22. He is humble.
  23. He makes me want to be a better person.
  24. He encourages me when it is needed.
  25. He takes interest in things that I am interested in.
  26. He has good taste in music, and isn’t ashamed to jam out in the car with me.
  27. He is always up for a challenge.
  28. The way he laughs.
  29. The way he talks.
  30. The way he stutters from time to time.
  31. The way he tries to be funny and fails miserably, then he is funny without trying.
  32. He gives me space when I don’t want to talk, and lets me go on forever…and ever… and ever.. when I need to vent.
  33. His eyes
  34. His smile
  35. He randomly brings banana nut cappuccino’s home to me
  36. He see’s the world the same way I do
  37. When I forget something at the grocery store he always offers to go get it for me
  38. He will go out of his way to help anybody
  39. He watches my girly tv shows with me (sometimes I think he likes them even more than I do!)
  40. His last name, because now people don’t ask me how to pronounce mine! 🙂
  41. He see’s my family as his family, there is no “in-law” to it.
  42. He is always excited to see me after work.
  43. He always kisses me goodbye, even when I am knocked out.
  44. He gives some pretty good advice.
  45. He is not boring.
  46. He leaves random notes for me around the house.
  47. He calls me on his bathroom breaks just to say I love you.
  48. He is a big kid 95% of the time, yet also grown up when he needs to be.
  49. He is the most incredible, fabulous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, abso-freakin-lutely best man in the whole world!
  50. He lets me pop his pimples and pick his ears. (I know, EWWWWWWWWWWWW.. but it is fun)
  51. He tells me about his work, even though I have nooooooooo idea what he is talking about.. I try!
  52. He would pick spending time with me over doing anything else.
  53. He laughs at me, even when I’m not funny.
  54. He still opens the door for me.
  55. He is confident.
  56. He makes excellent food on the grill (unless it’s chicken)
  57. He is stubborn at times.
  58. He get’s the mail when it’s freeeeezing outside.
  59. He talks in his sleep.
  60. He likes shopping more than I do.
  61. He always fills up the gas tanks.
  62. He takes the girls on daddy daughter date nights.
  63. He helps me with my work.
  64. He is my rock.
  65. He is a good artist.
  66. He is a human jungle gym for the kids.
  67. He is passionate about our family.
  68. He always tells me dinner is good, even when it is mediocre.
  69. He is disciplined.
  70. He doesn’t swear.
  71. I can always trust his judgement.
  72. He is inventive.
  73. He likes to go on adventures with me.
  74. He is a wonderful leader.
  75. He doesn’t make excuses!
  76. He is realistic.
  77. He knows me, and still chose me!
  78. He is protective.
  79. He always call when he is running behind.
  80. He is honorable.
  81. He takes out the trash.
  82. He is a man of his word.
  83. We can talk without speaking
  84. He respects himself.
  85. He is simply irresistible.
  86. He IS my better half.
  87. He isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for me.
  88. He has no shame in buying me girl stuff at the store.
  89. He strives to tell others about Jesus.
  90. When I am being a grouch, he loves me anyways.
  91. How I know that If were to die, I would see him again in heaven.
  92. He knows the word.
  93. He kisses the kids boo-boos.
  94. If the boo-boo is bloody- He is the one to take care of it.
  95. He does not need to “keep up with the Jones'”
  96. He is a giver
  97. He is polite.
  98. He doesn’t follow the crowd.
  99. He is wise.
  100. I can 110% be myself around him and he loves me for everything that I am.

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Happy Birthday to my Bestie!

31 Jan

I remember being 6 years old sitting in your living room out in Carlsbad giggling and chatting about anything and everything until who knows when. We talked about what boys we were into, shared all of our deepest darkest secrets, what our plans for the future were and drew designs of what we wanted our wedding dresses to look like. Pretty much everything we expected for ourselves did not happen, but I have to say that the little girls that we were would be mighty proud of the women we are today (we did not marry Justin Timberlake or Ashton Kutcher, but we scored even better with our amazing, handsome men of God!)

I remember going on long road trips to Ft. Stockton to watch our dad’s play at the harvest fest and doing the macarena while they were playing Country Music… we probably looked ridiculous but we thought we were sooooooooo cool! Then when our dad’s stopped playing in trick rider we didn’t see each other for a while until we both went to the same cheerleading camp and picked right back up where we left off, even if it meant you almost got kicked out of camp for hanging out with an opposing team. It wouldn’t have mattered anyways because that same year you switched schools to ACS where my future husband would walk you to my house every day (even if I did refuse to come outside and meet him). You didn’t stay there long either and I was SO EXCITED when you told me you were going to come to Lee!

Ohhhhhhhhh Junior High. I would be completely okay with just forgetting everything about those years… so I wont mention anything except that it was hilarious how mad you got at me when I asked BB out for you on the computer when you went to get a glass of water, but hey he said YES! and you were really happy for a while, that’s the last of what I’ll mention of him. OH and Dear Mrs. Hartgrove- guess what? We are STILL friends!

I don’t think we spent more than 3 days apart the summer before highschool. Most of the time was spent in your back yard in that little above ground pool or at the mall. This was also the summer you first got Bells Palsy and I freaked out over the mosquito in the emergency room! GROSS! Thank goodness it was basically gone before school started, unfortunately not in time for school ID pictures, not that it would have mattered since we had to stand outside in the sun for hours and by the time it was time to take pictures we were all sweaty and gross anyways.

As soon as we were let out from our first pep-ralley of sophomore year, there were football players everywhere ..I thought I just thought “Woah Baby” In my head.. but nope, I screamed it in the most southern, hick, crazy person voice ever and embarassed the heck out of both of us. It was hilarious, so that made it allll okay. You had your first big heartbreak this year, I know I wouldn’t mention it again but it lead to you rebounding with a guy who kissed like a whale. EWWW! I think this was definitely our boy-crazy year, which is probably why your Mom yelled “KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!” every time we left the house. We started going to Edmund and were both googly-eyed over Chase AND his lolli-pop guild dance. We knocked down an old lady’s fence while trying to chase boys down a dirt road, and then we had to come back and build it for them (or watch your Uncle Monroe build it). This was also the year that we got “grounded” from each other for lying to our parents (SORRRRRRRRRRRRY PARENTS! WE LOVE YOU!!!) Then the  next year you were there for me (except for when you were busy pushing me into bushes) when my house caught on fire and my boyfriend broke up with me all in the same week. Soon after that you returned the favor of opening your big mouth to the guy I had my eye on and I owe you forever for it because he is now my husband.We have been there to celebrate each others marriages and the addition of each child to our families. You have never let any person, thing, or boy get in between our friendship even though there has been plenty of opportunitues for that to happen. Having a ton of friends has never really mattered to me, because I have always known without a doubt that I have the truest one of all, so thank you for choosing me to be your best friend! HAPPY 25 TH BIRTHDAY!

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Liam Thomas

17 Dec

Avery and I were headed to the movies to meet my mother-in-love and cousin to see Disney’s Frozen when I got the call. My sister was in labor!! YEAHH!. So I did a U-Turn, drove to my grandma’s to pick up Kenzie then headed over to Glenn Jr. High to go drop the girls off with their mimi before I went and picked up my dad and headed to the hospital! We got there around 4:30 on December 3 and she was at a 5. It was a pretty long labor but I was blessed to be able to stay with her the whole time, at around 1:22 in the morning on December 4 we welcomed our second nephew, Liam Thomas into the world! He was amazing, handsome and perfect.


Just look at her- That is the face of a mother’s love!Image


Insta-best friends /cousins


I am most definitely a proud aunt, but even more than that.. I am a proud sister.
Sure, she got pregnant at 16 and that isn’t the most ideal situation in the world, but she owned up to her responsibilites… she made the right decision by keeping him, and she is making the right decision again by taking care of him. In these situations you really find out who your true friends are, and I am thankful she has a handful of really good ones. She pushed passed the whispers of people at school and even at church and held her head high- sure, she is having to make adult decisions a little earlier than most of us but she is putting his life before her own and she is determined to succeed and beat the statistics. She has brought the blessing of new life to our family, and with our support she is going to go far in life. God knew this was in her future from the very beginning, he has a plan for her, Bryan and Liam and it is GOOD.


Kenzie Faith

17 Dec

So it’s a week until christmas and I am just now posting about thanksgiving, can we all agree that I am a little behind? Totally.

This thanksgiving was extra special! It was Kenzie’s 1st birthday!! Thank God for all of the turkey and pie to comfort me on that fact. I am so greatful that she was blessed with the gift of living, and that I get to watch her grow and her little personality develop- I just wish it could be a little bit slower! 

Anyways, we had her party the saturday before thanksgiving and despite the fact that it was FREEZING outside, we had a great turn-out! We have amazing friends and family in our life that love our girls! Very blessed we are! Here are a few pictures of her party… I made the cake and cupcakes- the cake didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted but I was pretty proud of the cupcakes 🙂





How do you want to be remembered?

5 Nov

My grandfather recently brought home a football program, like he has every year for the past 60 years. I was looking through it and this year they did something different. They asked each football player questions and posted it by their picture, favorite music, favorite quote, and how they want to be remembered. Of course most of the players said “A great football player”, “Nice”, “Funny”.. but then I came across one young man who said “Christ-like” , his favorite song was by Relient-K and I thought to myself I like this kid! I want to be remembered like that too.

Later I started reading a devotional called “Life Matters”
The first paragraph read :

“In a perfect world, Christians flee hypocrisy like the plague. Their lives are
marked by selflessness, humility, and compassion. True Christ-followers
admit their mistakes and work hard to strengthen their weaknesses. They
ask forgiveness when it’s their fault, and they give grace when it’s someone
else’s. They love the unlovable. They forgive the unforgivable. They take
care of the helpless. They encourage the overwhelmed. That is Christianity.

But we don’t live in a perfect world.”


The fact is nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and we are very blessed to have a God who gave his son to die on the cross for us because we are human, we make mistakes, and we all fall short of the Glory of God. We have heard it a thousand times and a lot of churches now days are Grace-based. I think that is FANTASTIC because it is important to know that even when you slip up and take a wrong turn that God still loves you and thinks you are wonderful and he is always going to be right there with open arms to direct you back to the path that he has made for you when you realize that you made an uh-oh. To him, imperfections and all- you are PERFECT. I never really understood how that was possible until I became a mother, … I know the way he feels about me is how I feel about Avery and Kenzie times a zillion! I don’t really know how that is possible either.

Later in the devotion it goes on to say

“Christian or not, none of us can earn what God has freely given. What
we can do is put our faith in what God did for us and spend our lives
becoming more and more like Jesus.”

There are some people out there that have a very hard time accepting God’s grace.
They think that they have messed up too much, that they are not worthy.
Let me tell you something- this BREAKS my heart completely. Let me tell you why.
Most of us have no problem accepting God’s grace for us and putting our faith in what he did for us, but what comes as a challenge is taking that Grace that God has given to us and in turn giving it to others. We have adopted a “I don’t care what other people think about me, because I know what Jesus thinks about me” attitude. Don’t get me wrong- there is a time and place to have that kind of attitude- at times when people are putting you down because of your morals, calling you ugly, that your stupid, worthless. However, there are also times to care about what others think about you. What kind of impact are you leaving on the world- how are people going to remember you? I don’t want to be remembered as stuck up, self righteous or unforgiving .. I want to be remembered just like that Football player wants to be remembered, as “Christ-like”. How am I going to do that? By doing my best to give people the same Grace that God has given me and letting them know that they are worthy. There is absolutely no reason for somebody to feel that they are un-welcomed because of choices that they have made or people that they have hurt- We have all been there, we have all fallen, and we will all fall again.


29 Oct

This past month I have been LAZY.

Maybe it’s because I have been going going going nonstop since January and its finally caught up with me.
Maybe it’s because I am unhappy that I can’t seem to find a new job.
Maybe it’s because I finally have free time and I’m not really being lazy, I just don’t know what its like to actually sit down and relax. But I doubt that’s it because my house could use some attention, and I must be lazy not to be taking care of that right? Surely.  All I know is my husband and I are about to start dejunkanizing. I am totally aware that is not a word. Anyways, I have needed some motivation to get up and move because I just don’t want to, and that makes me feel gross. So on to pinterest I went! I even got my husband hooked on pinterest, actually I think he may be more addicted than I am. Scary right? But here is the thing about pinterest.. it makes me look bad. I thought my house was okay but now I’m pretty sure I should just jump in my car and go buy a million plastic bins and a label machine, because when I type in organize on pinterest.. thats what comes up.
I mean look at this


WOW. I think I’ll just get up from behind the computer and start on something. OK. Ready, set go!

Wish me luck!


Every Heart By Sara Haze

24 Oct

My Best Friend sent me this video the other day, she knows me too well. LOVE IT!

Don’t take for granted the little things in life that make up the story of who you are.

From your very first memory, where you were, who you were with, what you were talking about.
Your very first doll, favorite super hero, favorite cartoon.
Your first day of school, how nervous/excited/scared you were.
Your first friend, longest friend, your forever friends.
Friends you lost, and friends that you could never lose no matter what you do.
Your favorite teacher, your least favorite teacher.
Activities you were in. Sports you played.
All of your success, all of your failures.
Your first crush, first real relationship.
Your first heartbreak, and the one who would never break your heart.
Bringing new life into the world, and watching them get to make their own story.
Realizing that everytime you thought your parents were too harsh, mean, over protective..
That they just wanted your story to be better than theirs.
This is your life- what are you going to make of it?