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Nobody gets left behind

17 Oct

I’m embarassed to say it had been over a week since I ran. I know it doesn’t sound like that long of a time, but when you are training to be able to run for long distances you should at least run 3 times a week. John and I loaded the girls up in the jogging stroller and headed out, I made it about a mile before I had to walk for a few minutes, I was really disappointed in myself because I know I can go a much longer distance than that and I didn’t want to hold John back. I told him to keep going, he hesitated but after me convincing him that it was okay he eventually did… for about a block. Avery started screaming that she didn’t want to leave me (in this family, nobody gets left behind) so he turned back around and when he got back to me I ran with them the rest of the way, even though I really didn’t want to. On days like those I am extra thankful that my husband runs with me. It pushes me to keep going when I try to convince myself I can’t even though I KNOW I can. My husband is THE best!

Until Next Time!