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Every Heart By Sara Haze

24 Oct

My Best Friend sent me this video the other day, she knows me too well. LOVE IT!

Don’t take for granted the little things in life that make up the story of who you are.

From your very first memory, where you were, who you were with, what you were talking about.
Your very first doll, favorite super hero, favorite cartoon.
Your first day of school, how nervous/excited/scared you were.
Your first friend, longest friend, your forever friends.
Friends you lost, and friends that you could never lose no matter what you do.
Your favorite teacher, your least favorite teacher.
Activities you were in. Sports you played.
All of your success, all of your failures.
Your first crush, first real relationship.
Your first heartbreak, and the one who would never break your heart.
Bringing new life into the world, and watching them get to make their own story.
Realizing that everytime you thought your parents were too harsh, mean, over protective..
That they just wanted your story to be better than theirs.
This is your life- what are you going to make of it?